Monday, 20 November 2017

Amazing Color Images of the First World War

Scottish Prisoners of War

North African Soldiers in France

Operating on a Horse in France

Australian Light Horse Brigade
lighthorse.jpg (600×428)

Australian Soldier Gathers Anemones

French Gun in Northern France
arras.jpg (506×343)

German Field Hospital
lazaret.jpg (489×304)

Soldier, Woman, and Baby
db-sap01-ca000584-p3.jpg (375×512)

French in the Frontline Trenches
db-sap01-ca000500-p3.jpg (378×512)

Haircuts for the Soldiers
db-sap01-ca000498-p1.jpg (727×512)

Children Amidst the Ruins
db-sap01-cvl00005-p1.jpg (706×512)

No Man’s Land from a Trench

Women in the Factories

Prisoner’s Of War

American Burial Plots

Russian Soldiers

Australian Soldiers Relaxing

Soldiers Cooking

French and British Soldiers

French Navy Gunners

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