Sunday, 19 November 2017

Rare Historical Photographs You Must See

Serena And Venus Williams posing for a picture with former president Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy in 1990

Adolf Hitler tells a frostbitten soldier not to salute him ( year unknown )

A child is blinded by the atomic bomb at Hiroshima. 1945

A french opium party in 1918

Four-year-old Bill Clinton. 1950. You can tell he means business. Love this interesting photo

Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to fly. 1910

The David Hilton family did not want to show their poor house to friends back east, but they wanted to prove they own an organ. Nebraska, 1887 

The oldest known documented wheelie, 1936

Coca-Cola Comes To France, 1950
Newspaper Boy Ned Parfett Sells Copies Of The Evening Paper Bearing News Of Titanic’s Sinking The Night Before, April 16, 1912

“wait For Me Daddy,” By Claude P. Dettloff In New Westminster, Canada, October 1, 1940
Georges Blind, A Member Of The French Resistance, Smiling At A German Firing Squad, 1944

Albert Einstein, Summer 1939 Nassau Point, Long Island, Ny

First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967

Painting The Eiffel Tower, 1932

The Man That Refused To Give The Nazi Salute, 1936

Nikola Tesla In His Laboratory, Sitting Behind His “Magnifying Transmitter”

The Graves Of A Catholic Woman And Her Protestant Husband Seperated By A Wall, Holland, 1888.

Race Organizers Attempt To Stop Kathrine Switzer From Competing In The Boston Marathon. She Became The First Woman To Finish The Race, 1967

Unknown Soldier In Vietnam, 1965

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