Saturday, 11 November 2017

USA Today Slams Trump: Still 'Ill-Equipped for Oval Office' Image: USA Today Slams Trump: Still 'Ill-Equipped for Oval Office'

Image: USA Today Slams Trump: Still 'Ill-Equipped for Oval Office'
The USA Today editorial board harshly criticized President Donald Trump on the anniversary of his election victory last year, writing on Wednesday "it is glaringly and alarmingly apparent that he is incapable" of being a good president and "remains ill-equipped for the Oval Office, divisive in his conduct and contemptuous of constitutional values."
Any hopes that Trump would change from his contemptuous behavior on the campaign trail and eventually be suitable for the White House have now all been dashed, the editorial board said.
The editorial listed just some of the president's controversial remarks as cause for concern, including seeing "very fine people" among white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia, threatening to pull the broadcast licenses of critical television stations and getting into a disagreement with a Gold Star widow.It also cited what it considered the most egregious abuses of power involving Trump's efforts to undermine the rule of law, such as firing FBI Director James Comey after he declined to pledge loyalty or to lay off former national security adviser Michael Flynn, calling the U.S. criminal justice system "a joke" and renewing pressure on the Justice Department to investigate political foes.
The board said that while it disagrees with many of Trump's policies, its main objections involve the president's impulsive temperament and lack of integrity.
"With each falsehood, Trump's word carries less respect… [and] this dishonesty is compounded by self-absorption, family enrichment and a continuing lack of transparency about his personal finances," the editorial stressed.The board bemoaned the fact that it is not all apparent how Trump's rule can end any time soon. It cited as possibilities special counsel Robert Mueller bringing an obstruction of justice case against Trump, the president's base starting to erode as he fails to deliver on campaign promises or breakaway Republicans beginning to regard Vice President Pence as a stable alternative.
The board concluded that if Trump does manage to remain at the controls, "taking the nation and the world on a turbulent, frightening ride… it would behoove Republicans who put country ahead of party to prepare to break into the cockpit.
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