Friday, 17 November 2017

World's second-youngest billionaire, 22, is fined £23,000 for drink-driving in Norway, where fines are based on the defendant’s income

  • Katharina Andresen was three times over the legal limit driving to family chalet
  • Forbes puts her fortune at $1.23 billion, making her richest woman in Norway
  • She risked a fine of £3,673,319 in the country, which fines according to assets 

  • A 22-year-old billionaire has been fined 250,000 kroner (£23,000) for drink-driving while on her way to her family's ski resort chalet in Hafjell.
    Katharina Andresen is estimated to be the country's richest woman, with Forbes putting her fortune at $1.23 billion.
    But the second-youngest billionaire in the world could have been fined up to 40 million kroner (£3,673,319) in Norway, where penalties are based on offenders' assets.   
    The student avoided an even bigger payout because her assets 'have not yielded any dividend yet'.
    Though she has had a 42 per cent share in her family's investment company since her father gifted it to her in 2007, she has no fixed income.
    She was also banned from driving for 13 months after appearing at Oslo City Court.  
    Andresen was found to be three times over the legal limit when she was breathalysed more than an hour after being stopped, according to Norwegian newspaper VG.

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    Katharina Andresen was fined after drink-driving toward her family's chalet at the ski resort in Hafjell

    She was handed suspended prison sentence of three weeks and told financial newspaper Finansavisen that she had believed herself to be under the blood alcohol level of 0.02.  
    'I thought I had waited long enough not to be over the limit any more,' she said. 'I am very sorry.'
    Her family’s fortune stems from its purchase of Norwegian tobacco firm JL Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik in 1859. 

    Back in 2004, a Norwegian woman was fined a record 500,000 kroner (£39,000) for drink-driving, according VG.
    She had drunk up to 11 glasses of wine in a bar in the country's capital before driving off and hitting three parked vehicles in just 100 metres of road.
    The country's legal limit of 0.02 is one of the strictest in Europe, with the legal limit in England, Wales and Northern Ireland set at 0.08.  

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