Monday, 15 January 2018

Bill and Melinda Gates Are Paying Off Nigeria’s $76 Million Debt to Japan

As some leaders are increasing their focus on issues solely within their own borders, Bill and Melinda Gates continue to show the importance of looking outward — and they’ve demonstrated this yet again by announcing they will settle Nigeria’s $76 million debt to Japan.
Nigeria’s debt to Japan is the result of Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) provided by the Japanese government in 2014 for increased polio eradication efforts.
The country has made great strides in its efforts to eliminate the disease thanks to this funding.
Nigeria did not record a wild case of polio from July 2014 to August 2016, when two cases were reported.
No new cases of the wild poliovirus were reported in 2017 and there were only four cases reported in 2016, according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
All of this means that Nigeria is very close to eradicating polio, which would leave just two countries in the world where the disease is still endemic, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Global Citizen campaigns to eradicate polio and ensure all individuals have access to good healthcare. You can take action here.
As the largest private philanthropic organization in the world, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spends just over $3 billion a year on development assistance, according to The Guardian.
Eradicating polio is one of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s top priorities. In fact, at the last annual Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, the Gates Foundation announced it would match two-to-one Rotary's commitment to raise $50 million a year over the next three years, which would result in $450 million towards polio eradication efforts.
“Some people, especially these days, think the world is getting worse,” Gates said at the convention  last June. “The progress on polio is a reminder of what people can accomplish when they are bold, determined, and willing to work together.”
While the Gates family is notoriously generous and forward-thinking when it comes to supporting the accomplishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Bill Gates has said that organizations like his foundation are not prepared to fill the gaps that could result from foreign aid cuts like those proposed by US President Donald Trump.
“Helping other countries fight poverty and disease makes the world more stable, and it makes Americans and people everywhere safer. Foreign aid delivers a fantastic return on investment,” Gates said at the convention.
Polio eradication efforts have not only helped eliminate the disease in most countries, but they have led to better health systems and improved responses to other global health crises like ebola and Zika.
Nigeria’s Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun announced the debt repayment on Tuesday in Abuja when she met with Japanese House of Councillors Parliamentarians.
The repayment was set to begin four years after Japan’s loan in 2014, which is what has now sparked the repayment.

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  1. Eradicate ALL Foundations. Make those two THIEVES pay America's debt.
    America is dying from lack of economic activity, yet there are TAX-DODGING so-called trusts, foundation, endowments, sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars. They provide huge, steady, salaries to 'trustees" who have NO interest in ending the Party. Government need to put "Mandatory Term Limits" on them. Make these Money Machines spend ALL that money in a certain amount of time. Things like the Ford Foundation should have been liquidated long ago, not live forever like some VAMPIRE. These Universties need to spend THEIR endowments, NOW, quit sucking the life out of the Students you are supposed to be educating.
    Every one of these Artificial Creations should be told "You have 5 years to empty your coffers, or the government takes it all".

    They ARE VAMPIRES sucking life from the Workers who have to make up the taxes these UNDEAD MONSTERS do not pay.
    They are "social manipulators" illegally and immorally screwing around with society and harming living individuals. They should be sued out of existance.
    The fact that these charities are tax deductible means, in essence, billionaires are able to use tax subsidies for their own purposes, rather than democratically-identified priorities. Assuming a 28% marginal tax rate, it means that taxpayers contribute more than 1/4 of the funding.

    Take Zuckerberg's much-vaunted $100 million gift to Newark schools. Even if we grant that the money went to a good cause (a dubious assertion at best, considering it was mostly intended to spur privatization and mostly went to consultants and charter schools), taxpayers kicked in $28 million of that gift. We had no say in how our money was used, and there are no doubt better ways to use $28 million of taxpayer funds for a failing school system.

    Similarly, in an era where funding for public infrastructure is being slashed and neglected, a billionaire may donate $200 million for an opera hall, used mostly by the wealthy. Bill to taxpayers: $56 million.

    Or, while tax-starved public universities are passing on huge tuition bills to poor and middle-class students, the Ivies are rolling in donation cash. Again, taxpayers are subsidizing 28% of these donations to already wealthy institutions, while many public universities receive less than 10% of their operating budget from tax subsidies. As with so many other areas, those who need it least receive the most benefit.

    These artificial entities are a large part of what is messing up our society, KILL THEM.