Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Seb Gorka: Nunes Memo Is ‘100 Times Bigger’ Than What Caused the American Revolution

Gorka gonna Gorka.
During a panel discussion on Monday night’s Hannity, Fox News analyst Sebastian Gorka may have used just a teensy bit of hyperbole while describing the contents of the Nunes memo. Hours after the House Intelligence Committee voted to publicly release the documentwritten by committee chairman Devin Nunes and his staff, the ex-White House staffer went all out to hype up its importance.
“It has to be put in the context of the history of our great nation,” Gorka told host Sean Hannity. “Remember, why was America created? It was created because of the use of power by a leader thousands of miles away. That’s why America was created. It was about a tea tax and stationing troops on private property without permission.”
He continued, “This is 100 times bigger. This is our government spying on political adversaries. This is federal law enforcement officials obstructing justice. You listed all of the things Clinton and her team did. The FBI destroyed the laptops that were part of the Clinton investigation. Who gave that order?”
Yep, that’s right. The four-page document written by a member of Donald Trump’s transition team that one GOP congressman already has said isn’t an “end-all smoking gun” is “100 times bigger” than the abuses of power by Britain that led to the American Revolution.

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  1. It was more than tax on tea it was taking control of the colonies money issue that stsrted it as issuing scrip without interest infuriated England.