Thursday, 18 January 2018

'Women Seeking Women', Now At #150, Is Longest All-Girl Series

VALENCIA, Calif.—Call it a major milestone in adult entertainment: Girlfriends Films has released the 150th volume of Women Seeking Women, which makes it the longest-running top-selling all-girl series in the history of the adult industry. Filled with over three hours of girl-on-girl hardcore lesbian footage, the movie is the latest entry in the most awarded series in the history of adult film, and is now available on DVD at the Girlfriends Films website and in stores nationwide.
Director and Girlfriends Films founder Dan O’Connell noted that the series was a big part of the flagship all-girl adult film studio’s lineup from the start.
Women Seeking Women was one of the first four videos that I produced at GFF and Volume #1 in the series was there for the company’s unveiling at our first AVN Show. The series quickly became popular and is the first and only Girlfriends Films movie series that has elevated to the high status of being released every month. I originally came up with the series name of ‘Women Seeking Women’ by seeing it as a heading for personal ads in the LA Weekly tabloid. This was before there was such a thing as Internet dating. At the time I was just trying to make a good movie with a catchy title.”
The newest installment features cover models and scene partners Jessica Rex and Mindi Mink, and Katy Jayne with Anissa Kate.
O'Connell reflected on casting the milestone episode: “Obviously, putting out our 150th volume of this series is a landmark and called for an all-star cast. So I started booking talent well in advance, making sure that #150 would be a great one.”
In addition to the four cover girls, O’Connell cast two blonde MILFs, Dee Williams and Cory Chase, opposite two younger blondes, Summer Day and Giselle Palmer. “With such a great cast, I knew this movie would sell off the shelves. I had to write especially good storylines as I didn’t want anything to go to waste here.”
In the first scenario, Dee Williams portrays the mother of Giselle Palmer who goes after her daughter’s best friend Summer Day. Meanwhile, she arranges a tryst between her daughter and gal pal Cory Chase.
“This [shoot day] was the first time for me to shoot Dee Williams, a performer I’d heard much about but who just never got to L.A.," O'Connell noted. "Given Dee’s reputation for being sexually dominant, I gave her a partner who is very responsive as well as pretty, Summer Day. Summer looks and acts like one of those well-scrubbed girls, like she just came from church, which is a look I really like. There’s nothing ‘porn’ about her appearance. She is a great performer and is hot for girls. Boy, did I figure out why Dee has such a good reputation! She turned Summer’s world upside down!”
The director also took great care in finding the perfect partner for adult vet Cory Chase. “I booked the date the moment I heard that Cory was making one of her rare trips to California. I knew this scene belonged in #150! It was well in advance, so I was able to get Giselle Palmer, who is usually booked so far out that I’m not even sure I’ll be alive by the time I can get a shoot date with her. Cory and Giselle are along the lines of Summer, in that both are good lookers but you’d never guess they are porn performers. I really like both girls, and you’ll find it to be an extremely hot scene.”
Also along for the ride are rising stars Katy Jayne and Anissa Kate. “Two of the most beautiful performers in the girl/girl genre are Anissa Kate and Katy Jane,” O’Connell added. “Both are also excellent performers and it was only right to put them together.”
For the fourth pairing, O’Connell chose two fan-favorite brunettes: Girlfriends veteran MILF performer Mindi Mink and hot newbie Jessica Rex. “I asked Mindi to give Jessica a very slow build-up and she knew exactly what to do, administering breathing exercises to Jessica while slowly exploring her body. We soon see and hear Jessica’s breathing build, and then her legs begin to twitch. It is just extremely erotic to watch Jessica lose control of herself and build up to orgasm. Like everything we shoot, this is done in true Girlfriends Films style with no prompting and no cutting the action for photos or anything that would interrupt the girls’ real sexual experience.”
As for the future of Women Seeking Women, much like the unpredictability of its embrace by the porn-watching public, the director does not see an end in sight for the series.
“I never, ever thought that it would develop into the most awarded movie series in the history of porn—or that we’d be putting out 150 of them!" O'Connell observed. "I’m now curious to see Women Seeking Women #200.”
Women Seeking Women 150 is now available on DVD at the Girlfriends Films website and in stores nationwide. For DVD ordering, cast info and box art, click here.

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