Friday, 20 April 2018

China: Kangaroo dies after zoo visitors throw bricks to make it jump

ONE kangaroo has been killed, and another injured after zoo-goers in South China threw rocks at the animals in an attempt to “make it jump.”
According to China Daily, the incidents occurred days apart and resulted in the death of a 12-year-old female after she was hit by a sharp stone that injured her left foot.

An autopsy report showed the kangaroo had a fist-sized blood clot near the kidney. A zoo employee believes that the kangaroo died of excessive blood loss in the kidney.

The second victim was a five-year-old male who was injured but is expected to make a full recovery.

The zoo’s kangaroo breeder, surnamed Zhang, told Strait Times that visitors have been known to throw stones to make the marsupials jump around, or to wake them up if they are sleeping.
The incident happened in March when zookeepers reviewed CCTV footage at Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian Province.
Rocks thrown at kangaroos at Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian Province, China. Source: Weibo
A zookeeper told the Strait Metropolitan Post that the enclosure was separated from the tourists by fences.
‘We have put up signs to remind the tourists to treat the animals in a civilised way. We have also cleared the stones near the enclosure,’ the zookeeper said.
12-year-old female kangaroo injured at Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian Province, China. The animal later died from the injuries. Source: Weibo
However, she said the tourists picked the stones from somewhere else and threw it at the kangaroos.
China’s lightly regulated zoos and wildlife parks often make news for the wrong reasons, typically involving abysmal conditions in which animals are kept or insensitive actions by visitors in a country where the notion of animal rights is not deeply ingrained.

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