Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Is it Stephen or Steven? Britons pick their favourite spellings of long-contested names including Marc or Mark and Claire or Clare

Britain has picked its favourite spellings of long-contested names, with Mark coming out over Marc, Stephen beating Steven and Claire ahead of Clare.
A survey found the biggest split among male names saw 87 per cent of people prefer Joe over Jo - while for females, 83 per cent like Rebecca over Rebekah.
Some 78 per cent of people prefer Mark over Marc, 47 per cent opt for Stephen over Steven, while 66 per cent like Claire over Clare, according to the YouGov research. 
However Britons are more evenly split when it comes to Jerry and Gerry, although 18 to 24 year olds favour the J-version, while those over 65 prefer the G-version.
The number of Ls people prefer in Phillip or Philip also differs by age - with young people more likely to favour a double-L, but a more even split among the elderly.
As for female names, Britons are one sided on Natalie v Nathalie and Kim v Kym, with around 80 per cent favouring the former spelling in both cases.
Meanwhile the most even divide can be found with Lindsey v Lindsay, with 45 per cent going for the E-version, compared to 31 per cent favouring the A-version.
But there is an age split when it comes to Ann v Anne, with 70 per cent of young people favouring Anne, but only 43 per cent of the elderly having the same view.
Another generational split can be found with Deborah and Debra, with 27 per cent of young people preferring Debra – compared to just 11 per cent of the elderly.
The survey released yesterday also found parents are starting to favour more unusual spellings of names - with Jaxon overtaking Jackson for the first time.
The preference comes despite just 4 per cent of Britons favouring Jaxon over Jackson – with 87 per cent leaning towards the traditional spelling.

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