Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Watch: Immigrant Kids Forced to Defend Themselves in Court

The Immigration Counseling Service produced a short film called Unaccompanied, meant to depict the experiences of unaccompanied children defending themselves in court–armed without parents or lawyers. The clips depicting court proceedings, which are reenactments based on court transcripts, show small children answering questions from former Oregon Judge William Snouffer–who plays the trial judge. “Do you understand what these proceedings here in court are all about?” asks Judge Snouffer. A little boy shakes his head no. Judge Snouffer then asks a little girl named Sophia in the film if she knew “what a lawyer” was. She responds, “No.” “I was stunned at the obstacles [the children] faced alone, and the disregard for their basic rights,” wrote producer and filmmaker Linda Freedman. “I know in my heart that this film will find those of you who will rise up, as you always do, to help your fellow humans in their time of need.”

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