Tuesday, 21 August 2018

'He's dead!': Driver deliberately mows down group of screaming pedestrians who fail to get out the way fast enough in terrifying video

  • Car takes aim and mows into groups of people in street in Romford, east London 
  • People can be heard screaming as they are knocked over by grey Ford Focus 
  • Police are now investigating after video posted online helped car to be found  
This is the terrifying moment a car deliberately accelerates and ploughs into a group of terrified people.
The pedestrians can be heard screaming in fear as the grey Ford Focus swerves wildly and then mows them down on a street in Romford, east London
The Snapchat video which was posted on Twitter is believed to have been taken at around 3am on Sunday, August 19, on Chandlers Way.
Footage emerged of a car mowing down pedestrians in a street in Romford, east London
Footage emerged of a car mowing down pedestrians in a street in Romford, east London
It shows the car revving its engine and taking a sharp turn to the right before crashing into the people.
The driver then swerves around and takes aim at another group of people next to railings as they try to throw themselves out of the way.
At one point, a body can be heard hitting the bonnet.
The man filming can be heard shouting: 'He's dead! He's dead!'  
The car, which appears to have been damaged in the incident, drives away as one man tries to open the door.
Police are now investigating after the video emerged on social media. 
A local woman said she had been leaving her home in Romford when she recognised the car from the video which had been parked just 10 minutes away from where the incident happened.
Shannon Quartermaine told The Sun Online: 'I examined the cars marks and noticed the colour difference from the front and back wheel, exactly the same as the video.
'The car was sat with a shattered front window, dented side and the front passenger window down.' 
The car appeared to be damaged in the incident as it smashed against some railing on the streetRailings on the street in Chandlers Way appeared to have been bent and damaged during the incident after the car drove into it.
Metropolitan Police confirmed they were called to the discovery of a damaged grey Ford Focus.
A spokesman said: 'Officers are aware of footage circulated on social media of an incident consistent with attempted grievous bodily harm, believed to have taken place in Romford.
'The footage is in the process of being reviewed and enquiries are underway to establish whether the vehicle is linked to the incident. No allegations have been received at this time.'  
Romford Town Police said in a Tweet: 'We are aware of a video circulating on social media which shows a car driving at several people in Chandlers Way Romford.
'We would urge anyone who was there at the time of the incident to make contact with police as soon as possible.' 

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