Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Shocking moment prisoners at ‘out of control’ HMP Birmingham beat fellow inmate and call him a ‘snitch’ in brutal attack that left him with broken nose and two black eyes

  • Mobile phone footage shows Mohammed Waqas being attacked in his own cell
  • He was left with broken nose and two black eyes and accused of being a 'snitch'
  • The 24-year-old forced to call himself a 'p***y' before he is slapped and punched
Shocking mobile phone footage shows a prisoner being attacked in his own cell by a gang of fellow inmates at scandal-hit HMP Birmingham.
Mohammed Waqas, 24, was left with a broken nose and two black eyes in two separate assaults over the weekend after being accused of being a 'a snitch'.
Disturbing footage shows the humiliated victim being made to call himself a 'p***y' and say 'Pete you're the man' before being repeatedly slapped and punched.
The video comes just a day after the Government announced it was taking over the running of the jail from G4S after inspectors said it had fallen into a 'state of crisis'.
Mohammed's partner, Aisha Ali, 24, from Alum Rock, Birmingham, said: 'My partner was assaulted by six inmates on two separate occasions.
Mohammed Waqas, 24, was left with a broken nose and two black eyes in two separate assaults over the weekend after being accused of being a 'a snitch'Mr Waqas braces himself for the attack
Mohammed Waqas, 24, was left with a broken nose and two black eyes in two separate assaults over the weekend after being accused of being a 'a snitch'
'They recorded the incident on a phone and within 15 minutes of the assault the video went all over the internet.
'We have been trying to contact the prison and the police several times because it is really unsafe.
'He has a broken nose and two black eyes and he's been left in really dangerous conditions, it's difficult for us to speak to prison authorities.'
Mr Waqas is filmed being repeatedly punched in the headThe shocking footage shows Mr Waqas taking blows to the head by a man wearing red gloves
Mohammed's uncle Mushtaq Hussain, 56, a retired garage owner from Alum Rock, said: 'My nephew was beaten in his cell twice.
'They are not looking after his welfare. We have contacted the Home Secretary and our MP about this.
'What hurts the most is they say they don't know what has happened.
'He has broken his nose, yet they have not said anything.
'We are very concerned about my nephew's welfare and we've asked if we can talk to him but they said we can't, there is drugs inside, there are mobiles inside and there are gangs attacking other prisoners and my nephew could have been killed.'I want to speak to the Governor, my nephew should be in hospital and his welfare need to be looked after.
'Everyone responsible needs to go, the security needs to be upgraded.
'We wanted to visit him immediately and they said we couldn't - we are going to arrange a massive demonstration outside the prison.
'This prison has a big problem with gangs if they allow if they like these people take videos and post them on the internet.
'Mohammed is the father of a young child and he has a young wife - he has not even yet been charged.
'He is in prison over an allegation of assault, he's on remand.'In one video Mohammed is seen being punched and slapped in his cell by a lag wearing orange gloves along with five other gang members.
The attacker says 'Say 'I'm a p***y', what else are you? A snitch bro, you're a snitch.'

Dozens of dangerous criminals will be released in the next three months after staff 'failed to deal with high-risk criminals'

The public are at risk from around 50 dangerous criminals to be released from crisis-hit HMP Birmingham in the next three months, inspectors warned.
The report said that between August and November the criminals assessed as posing a 'high risk of harm' would walk free at the end of their sentences.
But inspectors said they were 'greatly concerned' about what would happen when they were released.
They wrote: 'Birmingham held and frequently released men who were assessed as posing a high risk of harm to others. 
Between August and November this year, 50 high-risk men are due to be released and we were greatly concerned that measures to protect the public from those men – while in prison and on release – were very poor.' 
The report also found that risk assessments for inmates were not up to date and criticised staff for failing to deal with high-risk criminals. 
Sex offenders were also unable to access rehabilitation courses. 
Mohammed replies 'Get your hands off me' before being slapped and punched in the head as he is made to recite 'I'm a p***y'
In the other video a frightened looking Mohammed can be seen saying: 'Pete, you're the man, I'm sorry, I'll come out of here like a changed man.'
His attacker says 'and what else?' before punching him in the head as Mohammed says again: 'You're the man Pete.'
The subtitled caption on the video reads: 'Don't try and get a man's address because we will wrap you up rapid.'
Earlier this week the Ministry of Justice seized control of Birmingham Prison from G4S after a damning report from Peter Clarke, Chief Inspector of Prisons
It read: 'On average, almost a quarter said they felt unsafe at the time of the inspection; this figure was as high as 37 per cent in Birmingham and Wormwood Scrubs.
'Some prisons had begun to take appropriate strategic action, but even then violence remained high and more sustained action was required.'   
Prisons minister Rory Stewart raised fears about the scope of chaos on the system, saying that 'as many as 20' other prisons are struggling with similar issues, with drugs the 'big driver'.
Mr Clarke suggested ministers had been 'asleep at the wheel'. 
He said: 'How is it that in 18 months a prison which is supposedly being run under the auspices of a tightly-managed contract, how has that been allowed to deteriorate?' he said.
'There are Ministry of Justice officials on-site permanently, and yet somehow there seems to have been some sort of institutional inertia that has allowed this prison to deteriorate to this completely unacceptable state.'
Asked whether the MoJ had failed, Mr Clarke told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'I think that's the only reasonable conclusion you can come to.' 

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