Friday, 3 August 2018

Zac Efron has started braiding his controversial dreadlocks

Despite backlash, Zac Efron appears to be doubling down on his hair drama.

Zac Efron traditionally wears his hair short, and his new dreadlocks have raised eyebrows. 

Last month the actor was accused of “racially insensitive” cultural appropriation for sporting dreadlocks on Instagram. Many found his “just for fun” locs — a hairstyle associated with black culture — to be a problematic example of white privilege given that black people are often mocked or discriminated against for having them.
“Cultural appropriation ain’t fun,” a commenter remarked of the hairstyle, which has sparked similar backlash when worn by white celebrities like Justin Bieber and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson. Others defended the look, arguing that “it’s just hair” and insisting that all cultures had a right to roadtest it.
The drama hasn’t seemed to faze the Baywatch star, who has now taken to braiding his controversial locs.
Efron showed off his latest ‘do on social media, sharing photos of a fishing excursion with his brother, Dylan Efron. The pics reveal the former Disney star sporting a thick beard and securing his hair with a bandana.Fans aren’t exactly loving the look.
“Is Zac going through a midlife crisis?” one Instagram commenter asked.
“Please tell Zac to get rid of those dreads,” added a commenter, while another compared him with Bob Marley.What do you think of Efron’s new look? Sound off in the comments below.

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