Thursday, 6 September 2018

John Kerry's reaction to NY Times op-ed by WH official: 'It scares the hell out of me'

Former senator, presidential nominee, and secretary of state John Kerry visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday and shared his thoughts on the New York Times op-ed piece by an anonymous senior official who claims to be part of a White House “resistance.”
Colbert asked, “What do you make of somebody who tries to reassure the public by saying that the president may be unhinged and mercurial and constantly lying and doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it’s OK, there are adults in the room?”
“It scares the hell out of me,” Kerry replied. “First of all, there is a reassurance — it means that for James Buchanan, he’s no longer the worst president.” Though the joke drew lots of laughs, Kerry admitted that “what it really means is we don’t have a president. We have a president who’s there, but he is not capable of doing the job or living up to the responsibilities.”
While the notion of having a resistance inside the administration may comfort some, Kerry said the need for such a group disturbs him: “You’re not supposed to have a resistance in the White House to prevent your president from breaking the law and doing something irrational and dangerous.”


  1. I hope it scares Kerry enough to retire to Venezuela where he can test his skills
    about country fixing.

  2. What scares the hell out of me is obama's and your own support for ISIS.

    You created, armed and funded ISIS.