Friday, 5 October 2018

21 Things Every Teacher Has Heard Like 2,000,000 Times

"You're too smart to be a teacher. You should be a lawyer or doctor or something!

1. "It must be nice finishing work at 3 every day."
2. "You’re so lucky to have all summer off!"
3. "Teachers know going in that they aren’t going to get rich."
4. "If anything, teachers are overpaid considering they only work nine months of the year.”
5. "You’re too smart to be a teacher."
6. "You should be a lawyer or doctor or something!"
7. "College must’ve been so easy!"
8. "You teach preschool/kindergarten? That must be so fun!!!"
9. "But do you ever just feel like a glorified babysitter?"
10. "I went to school for 13 years — I could teach too if I wanted."
11. "If [current profession] doesn’t work out, I could always fall back on teaching."
12. "If teachers are good at their job, students’ test scores will also be good."
13. "Teachers — they just don't make 'em like they used to."
14. "Well, if I were a teacher…"
15. "Teaching is so easy, anyone can do it."
16. "But my child doesn’t act like that at home…"
17. "Teachers are the only ones responsible for students’ learning, so it’s important they do a good job."
18. "If teachers were good at their job, then children wouldn’t need so much homework."
19. Or: “Teachers who don’t assign lots of homework aren’t doing their job.”
20. "Teachers only teach for the money."
21. "Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach."

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