Sunday, 30 December 2018

This Unique Wartime Aircraft Collection Spent 40 Years in a Texas Barn

Every now and then, an old garage, abandoned warehouse or derelict hangar turns up a trove of vintage treasures. Such is the case with this Texas barn when a mind-blowing collection of wartime aircraft stored in it was finally turned out and auctioned for a millions of dollars last year.
But how did these historic aircraft find their way into Edward’s Texas barn and remain there, semi-dismantled and collecting dust, for 40 years?
It turns out, Wilson Connel “Connie” Edwards, owner of the barn and the collection it holds, is a former movie pilot who have made it big in the oil business and used his fortune to fund his love for aviation, purchasing World War II-era fighters, seaplanes and surplus parts. Some items in the collection came as payment for film work.
Check out some of Edward's collection below.

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