Thursday, 28 March 2019

These Weird Pipes In The Woods Led Them To An Abandoned German Bunker

When redditor welove0815 visited a friend in northern Germany, he didn't know it'll be one of those rare trips that leads to an exciting and unforgettable discovery.
His friend told him about the "weird periscope-like pipes in the woods" which used to be his childhood playground. He was also told him that they were aware of the bunker underneath the pipes, but as kids, they were not allowed to go near it.
Days into the vacation, redditor welove0815 and his friend decided to check out the place and what they found was absolutely fascinating. And also a bit spooky.
See for yourself.
weird pipes 1

Surrounded by coniferous trees and roughly a hundred meters from the pipes and was the bunker's entrance. Using a crowbar, they easily removed the wooden lid covering the entrance.
weird pipes 2

View from the inside. The iron door's lock was broken which brought relief to our two explorers. That's minus 1% of getting trapped inside.
weird pipes 3

Endless hospital-like hallways which look a little creepy.
weird pipes 4

weird pipes 5

First intersection. The two decided to go straight ahead to avoid getting lost. Holes probably caused by a hammer or something similar are found on the walls.
weird pipes 6

Dead end.
weird pipes 7

Another dead end. This clogged entrance is covered in graffiti. Apparently, they weren't the only ones visiting the abandoned bunker.
weird pipes 8

Moving forward. The hallway offered several turns. More random holes on the wall.
weird pipes 9

weird pipes 10

The word (which translates to) help scribbled on the left wall. On the right is the word die, and a peace symbol is graffitied on the ceiling.
weird pipes 11

A big yellow door. It's a wonder how this came off its hinges since it seems to be as heavy as a bank vault door.
weird pipes 12

Cyrillic letters are printed on the door. They'd no idea what they meant.
weird pipes 13

This sign reads "Exit no 2".
weird pipes 14

Pipes on the ceiling.
weird pipes 15

Decaying walls
weird pipes 16

weird pipes 17

This graffiti reads "Hallo satan, i love you."
weird pipes 18

The "hello satan" graffitied wall from a different angle.
weird pipes 19

A section of massive and metal-like walls. They suspected it to be lead or something similar. Cryptic painting in the background, the one made of black lines.
weird pipes 20

A few corners from the heavy lead-like walls was this flooded hallway.
weird pipes 21

This is what they saw upon turning left... a bigger room which is also flooded.
weird pipes 22

"This was the first time on the whole tour I literally panicked. Terrified by the silhouette of this pile of rubbish, resembling a crouching or sitting man, I screamed and nearly knocked over my friend. My bad he was scared to death as well," welove0815 said.
weird pipes 23

Another flooded hallway.
weird pipes 24

A weird-looking machine inside the biggest room in the great hall. They noticed this on their way back.
weird pipes 25

From a different angle.
weird pipes 26

A pair gloves stuck in one one of the tiny gaps in the great hall.
weird pipes 27

A shoe on the muddy floor.
weird pipes 28

A sign on the floor that says something like "stay back" or "keep clear". Gives me the creeps.
weird pipes 29

They found What seems to be a submarine hatch located next to the Great Hall. "Maybe a reservoir of some kind. We never found out."
weird pipes 30

"This is the ceiling of the "reservoir."Right after this shot the camera went down and we headed back to the entrance."

weird pipes 31

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