Monday, 4 November 2019

Amazing Vintage 3D Photos Showing Us a More Real Glimpse of Life in 1860 to 1930

In a world before radio and TV, people entertain themselves with stereographs - images taken using the Lenticular Steroscope invented in 1851 by Sir David Brewster. The invention was presented to Queen Victoria and became an instant hit during the Great Exhibition in London. Hordes of photographers were sent out to different places to document the world in Stereo Photography.
Today, with using our advance technology, blogs such as Vintage3D created animated gifs out of these stereoscopic images by editing the original photos using a specific method.
Here are some of the amazing results giving us, somehow, a more real glimpse of the industry, transportation and logistics from long time ago.
Havana’s biggest cigar factory,1903
A rainy day in Broadway, NYC., 1860s
Nanking and Scechuen Road intersection, Shanghai, China, ca. 1931
Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, Maryland. The tower is the Baltimore Washington Monument, 1933
The Panama Canal under construction, 1907
Man making coke coal. Starkville, Colorado, 1906
A Japanese silk factory in 1905. Larvae cocoons are being boiled and silk being reeled onto spools.
The Rialto and Grand Canal, Venice, Italy, 1902
A railway station and rickshaws waiting to take passengers. Beijing, China, 1931
Carpet factory in Orizaba, Mexico, 1903

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