Sunday, 5 April 2020

Bharat biotech company developed vaccine of coronavirus

Bharat biotech company developed vaccine of coronavirus

New Delhi: India has once again shown itself to the whole world. When the whole world including China and America is failing to fight the coronavirus, the country has prepared its vaccine. All vaccine studies are nearing completion. Soon this vaccine will prove to be helpful in saving the lives of people all over the world including India.

The vaccine-making company Bharat Biotech has developed a vaccine to fight the coronavirus. Giving information, the chairman of the company, Dr Krishna Alla, has told that the country has developed its own vaccine to fight the coronavirus. This is the first vaccine in the country which is completely successful in preventing coronavirus infection. This vaccine is named Coro-Vac. This virus will be put into the nose for prevention. The drug is so effective that it can be used even if there is a common flu.

Dr Alla further explained that the company has started to carry out clinical trials of this vaccine directly in the US. In America, animal and human trials take place simultaneously. Because of this, it does not take much time to get the vaccine safety standards approved. Once the safety standards are approved in the US, this vaccine will be launched.

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