Saturday, 18 April 2020

Child sex-trafficking survivor freed from jail as part of Ohio coronavirus response, was featured on Kim Kardashian show

Sex-trafficking survivor Alexis Martin was freed from prison Friday in Ohio.
Sex-trafficking survivor Alexis Martin was freed from prison Friday in Ohio.(Dreamstime)

A child sex-trafficking survivor was one of seven people freed from jail Friday as part of Ohio’s coronavirus response.
Alexis Martin, 22, had been convicted of murder at age 15, Cleveland TV station WJW reported. But Gov. Mike DeWine granted her clemency Friday and allowed for her release to a supervised home.
The man who trafficked Martin, Angelo Kerney, was killed in a robbery gone wrong in 2013, the Columbus Dispatch reported. At the time Martin was in another room and prosecutors never argued that she pulled the trigger.
They did, however, argue that she would’ve used the murder-robbery to escape and helped plan the break-in, according to the Dispatch. At age 17, she was sentenced to at least 21 years behind bars.
Under a relatively new-at-the-time Safe Harbor law, Martin’s attorneys could have argued for her protection and a lighter sentence, but they did not.
Kim Kardashian West featured Martin’s case in her documentary series, “Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project.” Kardashian West has become a criminal justice reform advocate in recent years and tweeted her thanks to DeWine.
While imprisoned, Martin earned her GED, started a group for sex-trafficking survivors and became a certified dog trainer, WJW reported.
COVID-19 spreads easily in prisons because inmates are confined in close quarters. Rikers Island in New York has been particularly hard hit but is just one of many prisons struggling to control the pandemic.

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