Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Chris Cuomo says he’s coronavirus free, tested positive for antibodies

Chris Cuomo announced last month that he had tested positive for coronavirus.
Chris Cuomo announced last month that he had tested positive for coronavirus.(Theo Wargo/Getty Images for THR)

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo announced Monday night that he has now tested negative for coronavirus, almost a month after he first revealed his diagnosis.
“I thought I was gonna have this big, great news, for all the bad news I’ve given you about me and my family,” Cuomo said on “Cuomo Prime Time” during a segment with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “I tested negative. I have both antibodies, the short-term one and the long-term one. So, I’m lucky, right?”
The 49-year-old younger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo went on to question whether the antibodies, which have been speculated to serve as an immunity to coronavirus, are actually legitimate.
“The World Health Organization issued a warning, saying, ‘chill out with these immunity passports. We don’t know what the antibodies mean, if they mean anything,'” Cuomo said.
Health officials around the world have warned against relying on herd immunity as scientists work to determine whether immunity to coronavirus even exists.
“Presumably you’re going to have some protection against this,” Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, said. “The thing is that we need to prove it out and that takes some time to actually show that these antibodies are going to actually protect you.”

The WHO said Friday that antibody tests “need further validation to determine their accuracy and reliability."

Cuomo announced on March 31 that he had tested positive for coronavirus, saying he had been experiencing “fever, chills and shortness of breath” after coming in contact with people who have since been diagnosed with COVID-19.

His wife, Cristina, and 14-year-old son Mario have both tested positive as well.

Cuomo also said that he plans to donate his blood to help with testing whether antibodies can neutralize coronavirus.

“If they want the blood, I’m gonna give it to them because that is the best thing I’ve heard of so far in terms of what I can do to help as someone who was sick,” he said.