Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Cuomo reports 752 overnight coronavirus deaths in New York, but says curve is ‘flattening’

Gov. Cuomo speaking at his daily COVID-19 briefing in Albany on Wednesday.
Gov. Cuomo speaking at his daily COVID-19 briefing in Albany on Wednesday.(Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

Gov. Cuomo said Wednesday that the Empire State’s coronavirus “curve” continues to flatten, even though another 752 New Yorkers died from the infection overnight.
Speaking in his daily briefing from Albany, Cuomo said it’s “almost disrespectful” to suggest it’s “good news” that only 752 lives were lost in a 24-hour span.
But, even with New York’s COVID-19 death toll now standing at 11,586, Cuomo said the “terrible’” numbers must be considered a depressing step in the right direction.
“The painful news of our reality day after day, and they are in our thoughts and prayers,” Cuomo said. “But you see the terrible news, it’s basically been flat over the past several days.”
He added," You see a flattening of the curve."

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  1. It must be difficult to sit there and lie to the people, unless of course you're a sociopath, a behavior that seems to gravitate toward politics. A strategy they use to seed the problem reaction solution scenario is a combination of fear and doubt.
    Fear actually promotes disease. Doubt allows the hoax to rage on.

    why is this guy news, why is this a story? why is this guy in charge of anything? Why is this plandemic still raging on? why is the government doing everything possible to destroy the nation? Why are people ok with communism making a run for political office? Why are the masses not protesting the destruction of our Bill of Rights for a hoax? Why are people listening to fake news again? Why are people listening to Bill Gates? Why are people listening to Fauci and Birx, both investors in vaccines for COVID-19? Why is it nobody questions why they made this thing in the first place? Why is it that nobody cares they are about to become soylent green?