Saturday, 25 April 2020

Gov. Cuomo expands coronavirus testing to health workers, essential businesses and first responders

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo(John Minchillo/AP)

Gov. Cuomo announced Saturday that employees at essential businesses, health care workers and first responders will all now be eligible to be tested for coronavirus.
Grocery clerks, paramedics, transit workers and bank tellers are all among those who can now get tested at drug stores to determine if they are infected with the deadly virus.
“We’re still prioritizing but we’re opening,” Cuomo said. “The more capacity, the more tests, the more we’ll open the eligibility criteria.”
Cuomo said New Yorkers who deal with the public should go to the front of the line for testing.
“Those essential workers have been functioning all along," the governor said. "And these essential workers, and God bless them, we want to make sure they are now eligible for tests.”
Cuomo announced that 437 New Yorkers died from coronavirus in the past day, a number that was slightly higher than the day before.
Still, he expressed renewed confidence about other statistics which show the pandemic is ebbing in the state. After plateauing for a few days, the number of new coronavirus patients dipped significantly to 1,100.

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