Saturday, 4 April 2020

Rattled tenants in Bronx housing project wake up with no running water, raising fears of coronavirus infection among its 2,000 residents

Hundreds of residents in a Bronx housing project woke up Saturday morning to a health care nightmare: No running water.
Service went out in the Jackson Houses just as many of the more than 2,000 tenants were waking up, leaving them unable to wash their hands and faces in accordance with guidelines to prevent transmission of COVID-19, according to the head of the tenant association. The entire seven-building complex, with 868 apartments, was left high and dry by the sudden outage.
“With this situation, this pandemic that New York City is faced with, to have no running water to keep themselves safe from COVID-19 — NYCHA needs to do a better job,” said Danny Barber, president of the tenant association. “It’s horrible.”
Barber, after speaking with the New York City Housing Authority, said the timetable was unclear for restoring service. A NYCA rep told Barber that the “house pump” was out, but didn’t know how long repairs might take.

A NYCHA spokesman confirmed that the house pumps broke and said repair crews were on the scene.
Barber said he needed to use some of his bottled water supply to wash up Saturday before heading out to help deliver 4,000 meals to those in need as part of a program with Assemblyman Michael Blake and Chef Jose Andres.

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