Thursday, 23 April 2020

Woman who spent 9 days in coma due to coronavirus speaks out about lockdown protesters: ‘Stop complaining, be thankful for your health’

Leah Blomberg
Leah Blomberg(WISN)

A 35-year-old Wisconsin woman spent nine days in a medically-induced coma, and then another nine in an ICU, after she got infected with coronavirus. So she has a message for the right-wing protesters who have stormed state capitals across the country.
“I’M LUCKY TO BE ALIVE,” Leah Blomberg wrote in a passionate Facebook post, directing her ire at those who complained about the extension of social distancing measures. “Stay in your house … Stop complaining and be thankful for your health.”
Talking to CNN about the post, Blomberg explained that she hoped her struggles would help encourage more people to accept the reality of the situation without needing to suffer themselves.
“A lot of those people will not understand until it happens to them or someone they love. And it’s really sad,” Blomberg said.
Like most in her age group, Blomberg wasn’t particularly afraid of the virus’ impact on herself, and underestimated the damage it could do.
“I didn’t know I was at risk. I’m 35. I have no underlying medical conditions that would have compromised my immunity,” she said.
But after Blomberg felt completely sapped of her energy for several days, her husband took her to the hospital, where doctors told her she wasn’t getting enough oxygen and had to be put into a coma.
"The recovery is probably the worst," she said. "Basically it's having to learn to walk again, because your muscles .... it's like you've never used them before."
And though Blomberg understands the economic concerns of the protesters — she herself lost her job as a receptionist — she also knows firsthand the unfortunate financial risks that come with exposure to the virus.
“If you’re in a hospital bed, you’re not making any money anyway. In fact, you’re putting yourself in further debt,” Blomberg said. "If you’re dead, it doesn’t matter anyway — you’re not going to be able to provide for your family.”

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