Sunday, 17 May 2020

GRIDLOCK SAM: City’s traffic’s vacation may end Memorial Day weekend and Alternate Side Parking returns

Warmer temperatures and thoughts of pre-cononavirus times, may lure motorists back the roads on Memorial Day.
Warmer temperatures and thoughts of pre-cononavirus times, may lure motorists back the roads on Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 17 - Saturday, May 23
Traffic volumes have been rising steadily over the past few weeks. And, with Memorial Day weekend approaching, we are likely to see some significant density on the roads Thursday and Friday and afternoons.
People have been itching to head to the Jersey Shore and some beaches are opening so expect the Hudson River crossings to have some familiar traffic patterns. Similarly, Long Island road traffic will pick up with an exodus to the summer rentals in the Hamptons.
If you’ve held onto your dream parking spot for two months, I’m sorry to say that ends this week when alternate side parking rules resume tomorrow, Monday. The suspension will start up again Memorial Day, May 25, and will last at least through June 7.
The city will open temporary, protected bike lanes over the next two weeks, including almost four miles in Manhattan on 38th/39th streets between First and 11th avenues, and in Brooklyn, over a mile each on Flatbush Ave. from Grand Army Plaza to Ocean Ave., and on Fourth Ave. from First St. to Flatbush.
Cash tolls will return to the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway Tuesday. Drivers, please wear face masks if you pay cash, but E-ZPass is the better option.
Dear Gridlock Sam,
Here’s an easy way to save money: only do street-sweeping once a week. Clearly, we survived without it for 2 months. What do you think?
@MotoBx, via Twitter
Dear MotoBx,
I assume you’re talking long-term. Yes, some money may be saved but far less than you think. The workers assigned to cleaning also do snow plowing and other services during times of emergency. And don’t forget to add parking ticket revenue to the ledger.
But, the motivating force behind street cleaning isn’t money. The city does study the cleanliness of streets through surveys. It then sets schedules based on maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness not just for looks but our health as well. The streets may look cleaner now but that is likely a function of fewer people walking and driving.
Gridlock Sam
Dear Gridlock Sam,
I live in Belle Harbor in Rockaway Beach. Will the no parking rules on weekends from May 15 until September 30th be enforced?


Dear Lon,

Yes. Rockaway Beach remains closed for now, but the seasonal parking rules are still in effect.

Gridlock Sam

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