Friday, 1 May 2020

GRIDLOCK SAM: Yes, there is some good news about our city subways these days

Here's some of the subway good news — the “L-pocalypse” is over and the L train has no service changes this weekend!
Here's some of the subway good news — the “L-pocalypse” is over and the L train has no service changes this weekend!

Friday, May 1 - Sunday, May 3
We could all use some good news and I’ve got four pieces of it — all about the subway.
Many MTA workers who were sick with COVID-19 have returned to work, ridership is up a little, and the MTA has restored more daytime service. The fourth piece? The so-called “L-pocalypse” work is over and the L train has NO service changes this weekend.
The C train, one of the lines suspended after the coronavirus outbreak, is running again. The B, Z, W, and Times Square shuttle trains are still suspended.
You are allowed to ride the train if you are an essential worker or are using it for urgent personal business like a doctor’s appointment, and if you wear a mask. I suggest using your phone or credit card to travel contactless either with OMNY ( for the subway or MTA eTix for the commuter lines.
The subways will run 24/7 this weekend, but starting 1 a.m. Wednesday, will close 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. for now.
The so-called “Operation Gridlock” demonstration calling for the country to reopen will be in NYC Friday at noon with drivers circling City Hall Park on Broadway, Park Row and Chambers St.
Dear Sam:
Sorry for the long letter, but I am quarantined and have all the time.

My neighbor painted the sidewalk to make it look like a driveway on the side street of his corner house and I got a ticket for parking in front of it a few years ago. I fought and lost, but I want to know if I was right.

I got a second ticket for a red light camera violation, but I didn’t receive the supporting certificate about the camera. Doesn’t the law state that they have to mail that as well? Also, the picture showed the wrong vehicle. Ellie

Dear Ellie,

A painted sidewalk does not make it a curbcut. Next time appeal the ticket and include a number of photos showing that the curb is not dropped. You’d have had to show a series of photos, closeups and wide angles that include the street name and the address on the ticket.

On the second, if the photo showed a different car, that should be enough to get the ticket dismissed. Your registration would prove it’s not your vehicle. The law does require a camera certificate must be “sworn by technician,” but it isn’t mailed. Your ticket should have included a pin number allowing you to look it up online.

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