Thursday, 21 May 2020

Texas man accused of fatally injuring male relative in violent sex act: cops

Texas resident Alan Bischof allegedly killed a male relative in a sadomasochistic sex act, say cops.
Texas resident Alan Bischof allegedly killed a male relative in a sadomasochistic sex act, say cops.(Daniel Allan/Getty Images)

A Texas man who claimed to have been attacked by a trio of muggers before dying is believed to have died in a consensual sadomasochistic sex act with a male relative, say police.
Last November, Craig LaMell, 65, told cops he had been walking on a bicycle trail in southeastern Houston prior to the assault. He died from severe head injuries a month after being rushed to a hospital., reported Houston TV station KPRC.
LaMell’s alleged assailant is 81-year-old Alan Bischof, who was charged with the second-degree felony of aggravated assault of a family member.
Bischof’s relationship to LaMell has not been revealed.
When approached by KPRC, Bischof had little to say.
“It’s a little premature to being doing that right now,” Bischoff told KPRC. “I have to be taken down to the bondsman. I have an attorney I’m going to be setting up. It’s going to be later this week or next week before I’m prepared to talk.”
With no leads for cops to follow, the case went cold until April, when Bischof was laid off.
Soon after, his workplace officials discovered personal emails on Bischof’s office computer, according to court records. In One of Bischof’s purported emails, he wrote, “He and LaMell had a sexual relationship, and that they engaged in sadomasochistic behavior.”
Documents state that on Nov. 6, according to emails, “LaMell had requested Bischof to assault him” and that “Bischof did assault the decedent by punching him with fists.”
Bischof’s alleged attack with his fists left LaMell with a large gash over one eye that bled profusely,” reveal court records.
Bischof allegedly explained that the two men created the bogus mugging as a cover story before LaMell died.

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