Saturday, 16 May 2020

Two Port Authority cops help woman give birth on Staten Island highway

L-R: Port Authority Police Officers Nicolas Pimenta and Nicholas Sorace
L-R: Port Authority Police Officers Nicolas Pimenta and Nicholas Sorace(Port Authority Police)

They arrived in nick of time.
Two Port Authority cops both named Nicholas got a 911 call about a mom about to give birth on the Staten Island Expressway — and arrived just in time to cut the child’s umbilical cord.
The expecting parents, who live in Rahway, N.J., were racing to Richmond University Medical Center with the mom already in labor just before 6 p.m. Friday.
The couple had zipped over the Goethals Bridge into Staten Island and were near the Bradley Ave. exit in Meiers Corners — but the baby couldn’t wait and the mother gave birth in the car.
When Port Authority Police Officers Nicholas Pimenta and Nicholas Sorace arrived at the scene, they found the exhausted mom — named Nicole — in the passenger seat and the newborn by her side.
“The baby was already out and sitting on his mother’s lap, breathing on his own,” said Sorace, a 12-year veteran of the Port Authority Police Department. “We clamped the cord and the suctioned the nose and mouth.”
“The husband was overwhelmed by the police and fire presence, but the mom was doing okay. She was on the phone with her doctor. We were just trying to give her words of encouragement," Sorace said.
“I’m sure she didn’t plan to do it this way but I think it worked out,” he said.
Sorace and Pimenta handed mom and baby over to medics when they arrived, and made sure the family was escorted to the hospital.

The mother assured Sorace that her child’s middle name would be Nicholas in honor of the two cops that raced to his aid.

“I’ll take it as a win," Sorace joked. “I have a six-year-old at home and every time you get a call when there is a child involved, your alerts go up. Your fatherly instincts kick in and you want to take care of them.”

“You don’t want a call involving a child to go bad, so I’m glad this ended in a good way.”

The delivery was the second time in a month that a baby was born on the Staten Island Expressway, officials said.

On April 9, NYPD Highway cops looking out for speeders on the Brooklyn-bound side of the highway helped deliver a healthy 7-pound, 6-ounce baby boy named Matthew after the infant’s parents were pulled over for speeding.

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