Sunday, 5 July 2020

BREAKING: Christopher Columbus statue is toppled into a harbor by protesters in Baltimore as demonstrations are held across the country on the Fourth of July

  • A Christopher Columbus statue was pulled down by protesters in Baltimore, Maryland, on Saturday
  • Statues of Christopher Columbus and other historical figures are being targeted by anti-racism protesters across the country
  • Several protests took place on Saturday as part of nationwide Fourth of July demonstrations  
Baltimore protesters pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and threw it into the city's Inner Harbor on Saturday night.
Demonstrators used ropes to topple the monument near the Little Italy neighborhood, news outlets reported.
Cell phone footage shared to Facebook shows two long fastened around the statue as a bustling crowd anxiously waits. 

A statue of Christopher Columbus was toppled over by protesters in Baltimore as part of larger nationwide protests against racism and prejudice
Pictured: Protesters used rope to pull the Christopher Columbus statue
Pictured: The Christopher Columbus statue missing pedestal
Protesters could be heard cheering and were seen jumping with joy when the statue was pulled down
The group simultaneously yells 'pull' and the gargantuan statue is swiftly tugged onto the brick ground.  
Loud cheers can be heard and several protesters were seen jumping out of joy.  
From there, a group of protesters gathered around the now-broken statue, grabbed the ropes and began transporting it to Inner Harbor. 
Several people can be hear cheering off camera as the statue crashes into the water and appears to sink.

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